cicé safer skincare stands for beautiful and healthy skin through scientifically based, highly effective care. But there was always room for more. We had the idea of a different approach with the same goal: anti-aging. Therefore, we are very happy that we were able to launch cicé Cell Support at the end of May 2020 - the first product from our new line cicé safer supplements, which is dedicated to supporting body, soul and spirit through micronutrients.

The development of cicé Cell Support was led by Anja Reich. Anja studied ecotrophology and worked closely with biochemists and cell researchers for our new product. In this interview she tells us who needs cicé Cell Support and how it was developed.

cicé stands for skin care, in other words everything that works from the outside. Why do you think that dietary supplements also go well with cicé?

We had the idea in our heads for quite some time. Anyone who knows cicé knows that we have a holistic view of health and beauty and are very interested in healthy nutrition. Micronutrients go wonderfully with this. They are vitamins and minerals that work from the inside, it is about cell protection and aging - all topics we are familiar with. We also have many mothers working in our team. Double burden is our everyday life. In addition, we have all had positive experiences with food supplements. We have noticed: It works! And whatever works, we make it even more effective!

How does cicé Cell Support exactly work and who needs it?

Roughly speaking, it is about strengthening and protecting cells in people who are under a lot of stress. Stress and double burdens empty the body's cellular energy depots: the mitochondria - our small power plants in the cells - cannot supply energy as quickly as it is consumed. Then, no matter how well you eat and sleep, you can still feel exhausted. This is where vitamin B3 and Q10 work extremely well - both are contained in high doses in cicé Cell Support. The other is cell protection, i.e. a healthy balance between free radicals and antioxidants. Too much stress promotes the production of too many free radicals. In the long term, this not only leads to faster aging, but can also cause diseases. cicé Cell Support counteracts this with zinc and highly concentrated grape seed extract (OPC). And last but not least, cicé Cell Support strengthens the immune system - with zinc and vitamin D.


Anja Reich, cicé safer skincare

How did you go about the development and finally arrive at the finished micronutrient mix?

The development of cicé Cell Support was an exciting experience! Of course, we know how to approach a new care product, but there was a lot of completely new ground to cover. The first thing we did was to look for a responsible contract manufacturer, because this is very important to us. He should be professional, but he should also be interested in a small label like cicé. When we found him, it went quite fast, because we already had concrete ideas about the ingredients. And then suddenly there were completely different challenges than with skin care: the capsule should not be too big! But how do you get enough effect into it? The capsules and ingredients should also be vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

How do you take cicé Cell Support correctly and how does it work?

Take one capsule once a day with a little liquid with a meal. The ingredients have been carefully concentrated so that it can be taken daily, not as an intensive treatment. This long-term approach is important because one must know that cicé Cell Support has no ad hoc effect. Neither does our cosmetics. You have to be patient for a few weeks. In return, the body gains significantly in the long run. But I would like to emphasize that cicé Cell Support is not a substitute for good nutrition. A diet with many plant-based foods, few convenience products and little sugar should always be the first step.

Many people are somewhat sceptical about food supplements...

Yes, food supplements are often viewed critically. But that is precisely what we were tempted by. We already have experience with this, because anti-aging cosmetics are often dismissed as ineffective. With cicé safer skincare we have managed to convince because our products show real effects. And it will be the same with cicé Cell Support. It is safe, scientific and well thought-out and we are already getting positive feedback. This is why our second product from the cicé safer supplements line is already in the starting blocks: cicé Soul Caps. A food supplement for "Mind and Soul". Definitely one of the most important projects of our time.