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Our history

In 2007, Catharina von Rogister and Bernadette Brysch laid the foundation for cicé safer skincare with three luxurious care products: day care, night care and eye care were the very first cicé creams. In the following years, three cicé products became an entire cosmetic line. And two convinced founders who studied international business administration together in the Netherlands turned into an enthusiastic small team.

Annika Schulze

has completed an apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk and passed her apprenticeship with flying colors in January 2018. She is indispensable when it comes to accounting and production planning. But quality control remains her favourite subject! She returns from her travels with new impressions and ideas for cicé.

ANNIKA'S FAVOURITE: “The cicé hydro mask. I can apply it any time of day. And regardless of the condition of my skin at that moment: It always looks super afterwards!”

Johanna Voigt

studied art history and is the mother of two children. Since 2009 she is responsible for our public relations and customer service. As a gifted writer, she always finds the right words and has an unmistakable feeling for design and trends. Luckily for us, even she is not at work she can not stop collecting new ideas for cicé.

JOHANNA'S FAVOURITE: “The cicé body lift. Because it works!”

Bernadette Brysch

one of the two founders, has provided a clear direction for the company since its inception. She is responsible for marketing and new partnerships and projects. As a mother of three sons, she understands the need for a good working atmosphere. She is a wonderful representative of our company and easily able to convince doubters with her expertise and strong belief in cicé.

BERNADETTE'S FAVOURITE: “The cicé deep lift. I have seen a definite effect after just a short time which has truly convinced me.”

Catharina von Rogister

is the second head of the cicé founding team and manages the organizational aspects of the company. She never loses track of production planning, controlling, and the many small processes that keep our business running. When everything happens at once, this hobby sailor and mother of two children maintains a cool head and keeps everything under control.

CATHARINA'S FAVOURITE: “The cicé cleansing foam. I can remove makeup in a single step and thoroughly cleanse my skin. But the best thing is that it does not dry out the skin at all.”