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Real Anti-Aging.

Even though many cosmetic manufacturers promise it, wrinkles cannot disappear overnight! But what is a “good anti-aging line”?

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True effects.

The respected Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie (Society for Dermopharmacy) published an anti-aging guideline, which corresponds perfectly to the cicé ingredients list.

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Safer skincare.

Many cosmetic products contain substances that give the skin a pleasant feeling in the short term, but can be harmful in the long term. cicé refuses to use harsh substances! Nevertheless, it is important to know what you will never find in our products and why.

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Calm down!

Every day our skin is exposed to stress. Environmental influences like UV radiation and air pollution, but also stress irritate our largest organ throughout the day, which is why cicé contains soothing ingredients in high concentrations.

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Critical view of sun protection.

A lot of cosmetic products tout an integrated sun protection factor. At first it sounds good; We care for our skin and protect it from harmful solar rays at the same time. However, if we take a deeper look at this subject, the facts are quite different.

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Fake natural cosmetics.

Green packages and highlighting natural ingredients are two of the ways that cosmetic companies market their products. But what is hidden behind natural cosmetics?

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With cool to a dream physique.

Lose fat without exercise, diet or surgery? Really impossible! But for more than a year now, plastic surgeon, Dr. Regina Wagner, offers a non-invasive treatment of whose effectiveness she is more than convinced.

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Peptides for effective anti-aging.

Bioactive peptides are natural skin proteins, which act as messengers and are responsible for wound healing and regeneration of cells.

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