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Real Anti-Aging.

Even though many cosmetic manufacturers promise it, wrinkles cannot disappear overnight! But what is a “good anti-aging line”?

Only anti-aging substances, whose effectiveness has been proven in independent studies, actually counteract the skin aging process. The GD Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie (Society for Dermopharmacy) published a guideline of substances with anti-aging effects, in which eleven substances were confirmed to have a real impact on the skin aging process – eight of those substances are contained in cicé products. Prof. Dr. Martina Kerscher, head of the first German graduate program for cosmetic and personal care at the University of Hamburg, confirmed the effectiveness of these substances. She also said that it’s important to be patient, because anti-aging effects are only visible after 3, 6 or even 12 months.

Here we show you the deficiencies of a test of anti-wrinkle crémes, which Stiftung Warentest conducted and published in December 2015, and which resulted in the denial of any effectiveness of the products: The tests were conducted over a timeframe of only four weeks. Even more critical: Only mass market products were tested. No products made by small manufacturers, who work with highly concentrated active ingredients so that they can be absorbed by the skin in sufficient quantities. And who have their products tested by independent clinical studies - as is the case for cicé: In a series of scientific tests at the University of Ulm, the cicé Deep Lift has shown outstanding results against expression lines.

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A good anti-aging line avoids using substances that harm the skin more than care for it and focuses on natural oils and herbal extracts, which soothe the skin. Furthermore, five different skin care products with five different promises are completely unnecessary – a sophisticated mix of ingredients can offer protection, regeneration, moisture and anti-aging in ONE cream.

Often forgotten, but extremely important is the use of high quality dispensers – because highly effective ingredients are also highly sensitive! Airless dispensers, like those cicé uses, impede any contact with oxygen, fungi and bacteria, and also promise economical and precise dosage. cicé promises real impact – and holds its promises.

*Source: Focus 33/2007