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is a highly effective ingredient originally made from the tropical yam. The ingredient in cicé Body Lift is made synthetically, but is identical to the natural compound.

The reason for the formation of cellulite can be found in the tissue between the lower skin layer (dermis) and the top skin layer (epidermis). It contains significantly fewer and differently arranged collagen fibers in women than it does in men. This causes the lobular fat cells to press into the weak tissue layer from inside which makes them visible on the outside as small protrusions.

The intensively effective ingredient Kerafirm® activates the production of collagen in the top skin layer. The increased collagen synthesis also encourages the lower skin layer to produce more collagen. This results in tightening of the tissue layer between the dermis and the empidermis. The lobular fat cells cannot protrude quite so much and the skin becomes smoother – in only six weeks.

found in Body Lift