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Matrixyl 3000

is a combination of the two peptides palmitoyl-GHK and palmitoyl-GQPR. Just like an ideal team, they have a complementary synergistic effect and perfectly augment each other’s properties.

The peptide combination regenerates the upper skin layers, its effectiveness has been clinically tested and confirmed: The depth of wrinkles in the tested skin area was reduced by 45% after 56 days of treatment.

For an optimal result, the addition of 3% to 8% of Matrixyl 3000 is recommended – the cicé Day Care and Night Care each contain 8% of the active ingredient.

Get to know the terrific effectiveness of Matrixyl 3000 – with our Set cicé Balance containing Day Care and Night Care. It will cover your need for Matrixyl 3000 around the clock.