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Vitamin A

(Retinyl Palmitate) is used in the retinyl palmitate form – a very stable and well-tolerated form of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is one of the oldest and time-tested anti-aging ingredients.

Vitamin A has multiple effects – it stimulates collagen production which makes fine wrinkles disappear and keeps them from coming back long-term. Additionally, Vitamin A reduces age spots and pore size and, therefore, improves the complexion.

There is hardly an ingredient whose effectiveness has been studied as much as Vitamin A – most recently in a study at University of Michigan Health System. In this study, the upper arms of 36 test persons were treated with Vitamin A or a placebo crème. After 24 weeks, the upper arms treated with Vitamin A were markedly tighter and contained more collagen.

In cicé products, Vitamin A is used for its tightening effect in the cicé Body Care, and for a beautiful complexion in the Night Care.