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Our Set containing Hydromask and Cleansing Foam - at a 10% price advantage.

Pure refreshmentt for a clear and even complexion: The cicé Cleansing Foam rids the skin of makeup, dirt and contaminants down to pore depth. The following Hydromask moisturizes intensively and produces a beautiful and even skin appearance - in ten minutes or (especially effective) when left on overnight. 

"The cicé Cleansing Foam is a top seller in our studios. The perfect cleansing product!"
Katja Radtke, bellapelle

"I love to use the Hydromask as an overnight treatment. The next day you wake up with baby-soft and smooth skin. Awesome!Die Hydromaske benutze ich besonders gerne als Overnight-Treatment."
Nadine Kubasch, Blogger ("Beauty Ressort")

cicé Hydromask 50 ml (for 50 to 60 uses)
cicé Cleansing Foam 150 ml (for 100 to 120 uses)

  • 75,00 €
  • Base price: 37,50 € per 100 ml
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