About us

About us

Our company was founded in 2007 by Bernadette Brysch and Catharina von Rogister in Hamburg. We develop anti-aging skincare with skin-soothing plant extracts as well as supplements with micronutrients. We ship our products from the Schanzenviertel in Hamburg to customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Behind cicé is a team that has other priorities than maximizing profits. What is really important to us:

Happy customers

All customers are looked after personally, cordially and with a great deal of expertise - from the sending of free samples and the individual answering of all open questions to the processing and checking of every order by at least two female employees.

The most important principle: A purchase must always be a conscious decision. We do not want to seduce to buy, but to convince with highly effective products.

Happy working

All female employees assume a high degree of responsibility for each other and for the company. This strong commitment is supported by an employee-friendly structure: 

Each one adapts her hours and her working hours to her private life. The cicé founders are convinced that work-life balance comes first - and then success.

Responsible treatment of animals

cicé carries the PETA crueltyfree seal. Since questions about animal testing were coming in more and more frequently, we decided to have officially confirmed what has always been a matter of course for us: cicé does not test on animals. We do not commission animal testing abroad. We do not sell our products in countries that require animal testing. And we ensure that our suppliers do not test our ingredients on animals either.

In addition, all cicé products are switched to 100% vegan ingredients. Since cicé products have always been 99% vegan, we are only concerned with the beeswax in the body lift and the xanthan gum found in several cicé products. The classic version of xanthan gum is purified with egg white, so it comes into contact with an animal product and subsequently may not be declared vegan. 

Fortunately, there is now also vegan xanthan gum, which does without the described cleaning process. This 100% vegan variant is already used by cicé in some products: The cicé Cleansing Foam, cicé Night Care, cicé Hydromask, cicé Exfoliating Serum, cicé Eye Care and cicé Hand Care are already completely vegan. cicé Cell Support and the cicé SoulCaps anyway.

For all other products also applies from the next batches: 100% vegan ingredients!

Sustainable management

The cicé products are free of microplastics, mineral oils and silicone oils.

They are manufactured in Germany and Austria - predominantly in a production facility with its own photovoltaic system. The packaging (dispensers and folding boxes) is also 90% produced in Germany - from 2022 even 100%. This avoids long delivery routes.

For shipping to customers, the products are packed lovingly and plastic-free in boxes made of recycled paper and shipped climate-neutral with DHL GOGREEN. 

The cicé office is supplied with 100% green electricity and heated with district heating. All female employees come to work by bicycle or public transport. The company finances job bikes. In the company's 12-year history, air travel has only been used as a means of transport for three business trips. 

Since 2020, one square meter of flowering meadow has been planted for every product sold. The implementation is carried out by the Blütenfreunde in Bresahn am Schaalsee.

Why does cicé use plastic dispensers?
Glass containers are not the right choice for cicé due to the high energy consumption during production and recycling. In addition, further packaging material would be necessary to ship the dispensers in a break-proof way. Shipping is also more energy-intensive because glass containers are heavier. In addition, cicé relies on airless dispensers - partly for ecological reasons. And these are always made of plastic.

Why are airless dispensers also good from an ecological point of view?
Neither germs nor oxygen can penetrate these dispensers. So the products are never really "opened" and therefore have an extremely long shelf life. A clear plus in terms of sustainability - because far too many half-full cosmetic products are thrown away.

Can the dispensers be returned and refilled?
For technical reasons, this is not possible with airless dispensers. Please dispose of them in the yellow garbage can: cicé dispensers are made of the very recyclable materials PP and SAN. Half of the cicé dispensers are already COTREP and ECOCERT certified! By the way, cicé does not use dark plastic because it is more difficult to recycle.