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Katja Radtke is the owner of two successful bellapelle cosmetics studios in Hamburg. She is also the beauty expert on the weekly TV series "Schön mit Katja". cicé products are available at her studios KAIFU-Lodge and Ottensen and are also being used for treatments.

Dr. Med. Claudius Ulmann / KOSMAS Klinik

The KOSMAS Clinic Bad Neuenahr was founded in 1975 as one of Germany‘s first specialty clinics for cosmetic plastic surgery and has gained an international reputation in the specialty. Dr. Ulmann is listed as top expert under three categories on the FOCUS list of physicians. Supplementary to his surgeries, he recommends the cicé line of cosmetics.

Dr. Med. Regina Wagner

The Praxisklinik für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie von Dr. med. Regina Maria Wagner is located in the heart of Hamburg. For many years, Dr. Wagner was a member of the Board of the German Association of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC). Her patients can rely on her profound and up-to-date medical knowledge. Her offerings are rounded out with products from cicé.

Dr. med. Mark Funke & Dr. med. Lutz Kleinschmidt

In the Parkklinik Schloss Bensberg you will be optimally counseled and treated by physicians Dr. Funke (full member of DGPRAEC) and Dr. Kleinschmidt (full member of DGPRAEC, GäCD, GAERID, DGBT and DGäPC). The friendly and thoroughly trained team is also happy to counsel you on cicé.

Dr. Med. Thomas Giesler

Dr. Giesler of Braunschweig is specialized in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery as well as surgery of the hand. He is a full member of the German Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC). His goal is not the total transformation of a person, but the optimization of one’s individual beauty. He and his thoroughly trained office team believe in cicé and are happy to advise you.
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