Always a pleasure

Always a pleasure

Anja Frankenhäuser, aka Schminktante, is a make-up artist, blogger - and above all incredibly authentic and inspiring. The result of our long-standing collaboration, our mutual sympathy and our growing trust is the cicé Color Corrector, which we developed together. The cooperation was a pleasure - as was this interview.

On Instagram, over 40,000 people follow how you do your make-up or prepare your breakfast. You are seen as very likeable and authentic and have an appreciative community. Does the publicity still sometimes get too much for you - and if so, what do you do then?

I am absolutely grateful for my community, 98% of them are very respectful and appreciative of each other. If the amount of publicity gets too much for me, I put my cell phone aside and close my laptop. I can leave the house without being recognized and I really appreciate that!

Last year, we launched our collaboration product, the cicé Color Corrector. Why don't you tell us how this project went from your point of view?

Exciting: I don't take such a leap of faith and the belief that a product like this "works" for granted. And I couldn't have imagined the development more beautifully - hand in hand. 

Thrilling: I was able to learn so much - simply throwing a few ingredients together is just not possible.

Highly emotional: It simply turned out exactly how I wanted it to be. I still can't describe how I feel when I think about the process and ultimately the Color Corrector.

You have been writing and posting not only about make-up and skincare for a long time now, but also about menopause, fitness and nutrition. The theme of this magazine is "tiredness". What is important for you personally to start your day awake and fit?

I need a little time for myself in the morning. Preferably in silence and, of course, without looking at my phone straight away. Stretching, a glass of warm lemon water and then a short sports session  whether it's weight training, yoga or a walk. For me, it's the best way to start the day!

Is there a really good tip against tired eyes in your repertoire of experienced make-up artists?

A lymph-activating Gua Sha massage or a dry brushing followed by a cool facial shower can work wonders. Finally, apply a really good eye care product (for example, the one from cicé!). 

Besides the Color Corrector, what is your favorite cicé product?

Still the Eye Care and the Hydromask!

We've known each other for a long time and are often in contact - do you still have a question for us?

Anja: How do you manage this great team spirit within the cicé team? It's something that's rarely seen in all-female teams and I've always liked it so much!

Bernadette: It certainly has something to do with the fact that we don't have a lot of pressure. It's more important to all of us to be happy when we get to work in the morning than to earn a lot of money. We share the same values and that makes an incredible difference.

You can get more insights into her life and work on her blog or on Instagram