With all her heart Beauty

With all her heart Beauty

Hanna Schumi is a successful beauty blogger, freelance beauty writer, podcaster, and after eight years of collaboration, it's hard to imagine the cicé cosmos without her. On her blog and on Instagram, she reports on beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle and, true to her motto "Enjoy Who You Are", encourages others to stand by themselves. A philosophy that we subscribe to without any ifs and buts.

Professionally, Hanna is a valuable source of information and inspiration for cicé thanks to her extensive beauty knowledge. On a personal level, she is an incredibly pleasant person and we are very pleased to be able to introduce her to you here.

How are you feeling right now, Hanna?

With the late summer towards autumn always resonates in me a bit of melancholy, but I like it very much. A sweet goodbye that brings new things! September has always been my personal New Year, this still comes from my school days, when it went in Austria after the long vacations in the new school stage. Since then, it's been reset month for me: time for reflection and fresh thoughts! Being on the road is good for me right now, I always need a lot of input to be satisfied. And that's what I am right now.

You were one of the first beauty bloggers, and now it's a big business. What does that mean for you and your work?

Nothing has changed for me and my work: I've been writing, posting and showing what I've discovered and tried or what I think is really great since 2012. The media has changed, though: More videos and even an app came along and the blog has lost relevance - although everyone still googles. I have also changed of course, was then just under 30 and am now just under 40. I am even more with me, know even faster and better what I want and what does me good - whether in private or at work. Whether beauty products are TOP or FLOP, I can, with a few exceptions, judge very quickly and since I know what I like, need and tolerate, my radar has simply become smaller, which is very pleasant.

You travel a lot for business and pleasure - what are your most important beauty tips for luggage?

When traveling, we often believe, whether fashion or beauty, that we suddenly have to think and pack completely new: That dress you never wore could finally be worn on vacation! Or this one serum, I'll finally use it on vacation. In the end, you never used these pieces for reasons and you should rely on staple pieces and favorites even when traveling. Beauty rule: No experiments on important dates and when traveling! Only take what you love and what is tried and tested. By the way, this also applies to clothes.

Imagine you are only allowed to take three cicé products with you on a trip, no other skincare. What would they be and why?

The Sunscreen, because I don't leave the house without sun protection. The Cleansing Foam, because I don't go to bed without cleansing - and the Sunscreen has to come off, too. And the Hydromask I would use in the evening as a moisturizer.

What does your skin care routine look like when the days get colder again?

The funny and beautiful thing is that you can ALWAYS answer the season question with moisture - whether it's summer (heat), winter (cold, heated air) or spring/fall (change of seasons). Moisture is simply always a good idea for the skin! Glycerin, panthenol, hyaluronic acid ... you name it. From autumn it is then at the same time with me always: more acids and more treatments!

And finally: Do you have a question for us?

Do you have rituals in your office? And how is the wildflower meadow, which I have already visited, doing?

A lot of our work revolves around food: Whoever baked a cake on the weekend brings leftover cake, whoever went strawberry picking brings strawberries, and so on. We are also big coffee lovers. We start every office day with a round of cappuccino from the portafilter. The flower meadow is doing great - it now covers almost two hectares and grows with every product sold. Not only the wild bees love it, but also the birds, rabbits and deer.

If you want to learn more about Hanna, you can find her on her blog and Instagram account. Have fun browsing!

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