One like no other

One like no other

In April 2022, it went bang for us. Because we were able to convince the wonderful Alexa von Heyden so much of cicé that she became our brand ambassador. On her personal blog "Villa Peng" and on Instagram, she now regularly reports about our skincare and supplements. Alexa is a journalist and author, was born in Bonn, studied in Hamburg and then ended up in Berlin, where she lived for 15 years. Then she moved with her husband and daughter to an old house by a lake in rural Brandenburg. On her blog, she tells about her everyday life - and it's particularly lively, approachable and likeable.

Formerly Berlin - now Wusterwitz in Brandenburg - how has your life changed?

I never thought that one day I would live in Brandenburg. Berlin was "my" city for almost 20 years and I thought I couldn't live without a yoga studio and sushi delivery service. In the meantime, I can't imagine going back. I'm outside a lot with my family and we enjoy the deceleration at the lake. In the village, no one talks about work, Instagram hardly plays a role - that relaxes me. For work, I occasionally have to go to Berlin and enjoy the hustle and bustle and diversity of the big city. But after four hours at the latest, I get homesick for Wusterwitz.

You're an author, journalist, mother of a daughter and owner of a big old house with a garden. You certainly don't have any boredom - what is your beauty secret when time is short?

For me, beautiful skin is a combination of a consistently healthy diet, a mindful lifestyle and effective cosmetics. I don't believe in the quick fix and invest a lot in my skin. By that, I don't just mean money. At 44, I have the knack of knowing what works well and what doesn't. Less is definitely more. If I need a moisture kick in between, I like to apply a hydromask, which quickly conjures up plump skin and a glow for me.

You always seem to be in a good mood and balanced. How do you save a bad day?

I make myself aware that everything I do is not open-heart surgery. There is a solution for everything. I not only believe that, I know that.

On your blog, you report in your "rosacea diary" about how the skin disease manifests itself in your case. Do you have any tips for those affected that you find particularly valuable?

In my case, rosacea came on almost overnight and I was really at a loss. Then I started to collect lots of information and talked to several experts. That's exactly my tip: listen to multiple voices. The causes of rosacea are not clearly understood and individual treatment is needed for each patient. With the help of a dermatologist, cosmetician and hormone coach, I have put together a holistic treatment plan that not only includes the right cosmetics, but also a low-histamine diet and stress reduction.

Your secret talent is "beautiful salads". Do you have a tip for a delicious, healthy fall salad?

In autumn, I immediately think of pumpkin and nuts. So I would cut a pumpkin into wedges and bake it in the oven with sea salt and a pinch of cinnamon on a baking paper. In the meantime, I would wash lamb's lettuce, slice red onions into thin strips and chop walnuts. Then the warm squash goes on a big plate and the other ingredients around it. My dressings usually consist of white wine vinegar, sea salt, mustard, olive oil and honey. If you like, you can add feta from sheep's or goat's milk. Delicious?

You are a cicé-ambassador - which are your favorite cicé products and why?

My introduction was the Soul Caps. They just so "picked me up" in the corona pandemic and built me up from the inside out. Also, for me, there could be the Hydromask, Hand Care, and Sunscreen in the 1 liter bottle - I really use a lot of that. Especially for rosacea patients*innen sun protection is so, so important.

Conducting an interview with Alexa is like chatting with a good friend. We could have written pages and pages of great answers from her. Luckily, there's her blog, which is really worth reading:

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