Less blooms more

Less blooms more

22,000 square meters - or figuratively speaking: just over three soccer fields. This is how much flowering meadow cicé has financed as a flowering meadow sponsor with the "Blossom Friends" since 2020. One square meter per cicé product sold. And we are happy about every single little flower and, above all, little bees!

Around the farm of Jan and Heike Schmedes at the Schaalsee, it has blossomed and hummed wonderfully again in the summer of 2022. And with even more diversity, which is so important for the endangered bees: By deliberately spreading a thinner layer of seed, small plants that grow closer to the ground also had a chance to assert themselves. In recent years, the naturally larger plants had often dominated the flowering meadows.

Sunflowers were planted on four hectares of the total flowering areas this year. The government had asked farmers to grow food crops. Since sunflowers are very bee-friendly, they were a wonderful alternative.

And more sweet news: The "Blossom Friends" bottled honey themselves for the first time in 2022. With patience, effort and a lot of curiosity, they stirred 40 kilograms into a creamy consistency. A jar is in our office - it tastes like summer, flowers and a bee-friendly future!

You can find out more about the Blossom Friends here: www.bluetenfreun.de